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By Marian on 2/17/2016 10:20 AM
Montclair Golf Club and Rock Spring Club, two premier private golf clubs located in West Orange, New Jersey, are pleased to announce the merger of their properties and operations. The club will be known as Montclair Golf Club and will continue to operate both facilities, which are located 3.6 miles apart.

The memberships of both clubs voted decisively to approve the merger. “This merger is unprecedented in the golf/private club industry in New Jersey and the greater Northeast. We will be able to provide greater value to our members who will enjoy increased options for golf and all other club activities,” said Keith Phillips, MGC president. Leo Fraser, RSC president, added, “Both Rock Spring and Montclair have long histories and strong traditions. We believe this merger will leverage the strength of both clubs and create a new chapter on a combined basis.”

Both clubs are full service facilities with rich histories in golf, dating back to 1893 at Montclair and 1925 at Rock Spring. Following the...
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