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Here are some great golf books that we recommend to our readers:

Teeing Up for Success, Presented by the EWGA Foundation

          It wasn’t that many years ago that the visibility of women playing golf was nothing like we see today. While men enjoyed the benefits of entertaining clients on the golf course, aside from women whose husbands or parents belonged to country clubs, the accessibility of women to country clubs was fairly small. Corporate outings were not only primarily filled with men, it was rare to find even one or two females included in the outing.

         But in the early 1990s things changed.  Nancy Oliver, a local Florida businesswoman had “enough” of what was happening at golf courses and corporate outings, and started the Executive Women’s Golf League (now called the Executive Women’s Golf Association), where women could come together to learn golf in weekly group lessons at their local golf courses. Not only would they learn how to play golf, they could network with other women golfers, and learn how they could use golf in their businesses.

          Not surprisingly, the idea took off like wildflowers, and today, the organization has touched the lives of thousands of women all over the world. What the EWGA really did was blow the lid off a well-kept secret. It’s a secret that gives women a leg up with their bosses and clients, puts them on the fast track at work and brings them closer to their families.

          It’s a simple secret, really; the power of golf. In the new book, Teeing Up for Success, the EWGA has compiled stories of insight and inspiration from thirty twoaccomplished women on how golf has made a difference in these women’s lives. From Alice Dye, the first female golf architect to Marilyn Bunag an aspiring social worker and recipient of the 2010 EWGA Foundation’s Women On Par® scholarship, Teeing Up for Success offers over 30 compelling stories that share their most intimate recollections of how the game has contributed positively to their lives and careers.

         Golf has been a conversation starter, equalizer, and door opener in these women’s careers, as well as in their personal lives, opening lines of communication and providing great settings for relaxation and fun. A hole-in-one helped Debbie Waitkus make the leap from a corporate office to her thriving business Golf for Cause.  Volunteer leaders share how golf and EWGA have forged friendships and offered endless opportunities to grow and succeed. You’ll discover how two women in Mexico are building a team to support the young women in their country who aspire to be the next Lorena Ochoa. You will be touched by Karen Palacios-Jansen’s very personal story and that of so many others who have found hope, happiness and success through the game of golf. Delve into these chapters and enjoy these women’s stories.

          Barbara Gutstadt, a financial and strategic business coach, perhaps summed it up best when she writes, “I reached the conclusion that golf is a telltale way of choosing individuals with whom you would want to do business.”        

          What women all over have learned at the golf course is that golf is a fantastic tool, not just in business, but in their personal lives as well. These are stories also about friendships and relationships that we might have never had without the game of golf.

           Presented by the EWGA Foundation, proceeds from this book go to fund the work of this charitable arm of the Executive Women’s Golf Association, dedicated to enriching the lives of women through the game of golf. Its mission is to create and fund education and leadership programs for women of all ages. Teeing Up for Success is now available on Amazon.com


On a personal note, I can attest to the strength and power of these stories as the EWGA played a large role when I started learning golf back in New York City in the early 90s. Working at Merrill Lynch, I too thought that golf would help with my career and enable me to build stronger relationships with clients. I am proud to have been one of the original members of the New York City chapter back in 1992, in the days when Nancy Oliver was just starting the EWG. At that time, I never dreamed that I would return to my journalism roots and eventually takeover as publisher/editor of my own golf publication…MC. 



A GAME for LIFE by Gene Westmoreland

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A Game for LifeNationally renowned Rules expert Gene Westmoreland spent more than 25 years building the MGA championship program into one of the most respected in the nation. In this wonderful new book Gene shares his knowledge of the Rules in an entertaining and easy to read style. Everyone who reads the book will not only enhance their knowledge of the Rules but will learn that many of the game’s treasures lie well beyond the scorecard.
“Finally a golf book that gets it right…a thorough discussion of the most useful rules without needing an official to translate…”
Dan Hicks, NBC Sports
“A different and personal look into the Rules of Golf… with specific examples and humor, this is a must read for anyone looking to better understand the Rules of the game.”
Johnson Wagner, PGA Tour

“Having worked with Gene for more than 25 years, there is no one more passionate or knowledgeable about the game. I am so glad he finally put his many great stories and experiences down on paper for all to learn from and enjoy.”
Jay Mottola, MGA Executive Director

"EVEN PAR" by Leslie Andrews

How Golf Helps Women Gain The Upper Hand in Business
Written by LPGA Golf Professional Leslie Andrews
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Even ParBased on the experience of its author who successfully used golf for business and now teaches golf to scores of other businesswomen, the book details why so many women struggle getting onto the course—and provides invaluable tips on how to meet that struggle head-on and use golf successfully.
The perfect gift for new college or b-school grads, female employees, key clients