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Golfer's Tee Times Exclusive - A Interview with Paul McGinley
2014 Ryder Cup Captain - Europe
Intereview by Tom Guy, CEO of Eligo
What are some current projects that you are currently involved in?
As well as being an ambassador for Eligo where I am very proud to be a founding stake holder, I attend 9
tournaments for SKY as an analyst at all the Majors, World Events, and Ryder Cups including the
President’s Cup which I will be attending in New York next week. I also have a Golf Course design business.
As Ryder Cup Captain, what would you say was your biggest challenge in regard to team camaraderie
and organization?

The biggest challenge any Ryder Cup captain has is moving the mindset from one as an individual
playing in an individual sport in stroke play competition, to a team member playing a team sport in
matchplay. The molding of that very difficult dynamic is a tough challenge. As the 2 teams have become
closer in terms of talent over the years, the role of tactics and pairings has become increasingly more important.
Do you have any thoughts about a possible Tri-Match Competition between, The U.S., Europe, and
International Team?

At this moment in time no as it would create too many complications. The Ryder Cup is an incredible
event that should not be tampered with and the Presidents Cup fills a void for international players. The
Eurasia cup, involving Europe against Asia, is a new format, in its formative years, that could well ignite
over the next decade.
How do you feel the Allure of the President's Cup has progressed since its inception, and how would you
compare it to the Ryder Cup?

There is no doubt that the Presidents Cup is gaining momentum but just as the Ryder Cup in its infancy
was dominated by the US team, so too is the Presidents Cup. The closer the teams get in terms of
results, the more allure the event will create. The President’s Cup is still gaining a lot of attention and I’m
sure as the years move forward, it will start to rival the popularity of The Ryder Cup.
In your opinion, what would you say has been the greatest influence to account for the recent 20
somethings breaking through to win several Majors?

I feel that today’s game is very much based around power and there is no doubt that the younger players
are benefiting from being at the height of their physical prowess with the huge speed that they can create.
I am also of the opinion that the competitive rivalry at the top of the world game is helping those players
compete against each other and drive them to success.
What are some of the changes that you would like to see to break down the barriers that prevent some
people from beginning or continuing to play golf? 

I believe that technology has aided and moved too much in the direction of rewarding players, particularly
professionals, with fast ball speeds. Quantifiably, they have had a greater benefit from this than those
with slower balls speeds, particularly amateurs. I would like to see the restraints on technology by the
rules lessened so that the amateurs could find playing the game easier. The more I think about it the
more I am starting to believe that bifurcation i.e. separate rules on technology for amateurs and pros
should be in place.

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